The Daddy Complex: Dear Childbearing People Of My Generation,


1. Kids are pretty fucking awesome so stop treating them like burdens. They’re kids, not cancer.

2. It’s your job as a parent to be exhausted. It doesn’t make you a special cupcake.

3. The baby stage? Easiest stage of all.

3. Don’t get pregnant if your intention is to pawn your…

Ok, I’ll admit that I may not be an expert yet as my oldest kid is only 3.5. But after being through two infant stages, along with the toddler and now venturing into preschoolerhood, if you insist that the infant stage is the “easiest one of all” I’m willing to bet you’ve had some damn easy babies. Yes, toddlerhood and up have had their challenges but have been WAY WAY BETTER than infancy, at least at our family.

That or I should give up now because if THIS is the “easy” part, there’s no way I’m gonna survive what’s ahead….

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The Daddy Complex: Fall On Me


If you’re a parent, you’ve undoubtedly heard the adage that when your child can climb out of the crib, it’s time to transition to a regular bed. But, that adage fails to explain exactly what “climbing out of the crib” means. And, if you think about it you’ll probably land on an image that we…

This is exactly what terrifies me about cribs. It seems everyone has a story about their kid falling out of their crib & landing on their head. Usually they’re unhurt, but stil! And the way they’re treated as just funny stories…like, “Yeah little Jimmy fell from 4ft high and landed right on his head, hahaha! Thank goodness he didn’t break his neck, the little rascal.”

And this is why we moved D to a bed on the floor at 18months, as soon as he showed any ability or interest at all in trying to climb his crib…

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How to have a relaxing flight



Step 1: Have a kid.

Step 2: Take your kid on a lot plane flights between the age of 1 and 2.

Step 3: Go on a flight without your kid.

Step 4: Laugh at all the non-parents who think traveling is stressful.

Bloody Marys also help.

I love this.  Donovan is a well-seasoned traveller, and we just recently took Quinn on his first trip via airplane.  I used to think flying was a pain in the butt… now I actually fantasize about getting to fly on an airplane by myself one day, and how awesome that will be.

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